Laura Geerts October 14, 2022

[USE CASE] City of Luxembourg: Community development in the face of great diversity

3 minutes read
70,59% of City of Luxembourg’s residents are non-nativeWith expats from 158 different countries, the City of Luxembourg’s population is one of the most diverse in the entire wo... Read more
Laura Geerts October 15, 2021

Case study Municipality of Knokke-Heist: this is how services work together for varied neighbourhood communication via Hoplr (five steps)

6 minutes read
Many different government departments deal with information that may be of value to a neighbourhood. From public health and community development to garbage collection and road wo... Read more
Laura Geerts July 9, 2021

Case study: City of Deinze supports community development and caring neighbourhoods with Hoplr

5 minutes read
About one year after the city-wide launch of Hoplr in Deinze, 3,772 households (22.6%) have registered. Uniquely, this government's Service Dashboard is managed by the Local Commu... Read more
Laura Geerts May 25, 2021

Case study: Digital neighbourhood network Hoplr on the rise in Wallonia and Brussels

4 minutes read
Hoplr's communities are located all over Flanders. More than 2,000 neighbourhoods in Flanders' five provinces house about half a million users. But in French-speaking Belgium too,... Read more
Laura Geerts April 27, 2021

Case study: 5 ways the municipality of Waalwijk works on clean neighbourhoods with residents

5 minutes read
The municipality of Waalwijk uses neighbourhood communication and citizen participation to create attractive neighbourhoods. Not only during the creation of its spatial planning. ... Read more
Laura Geerts

Case study: municipality of Opwijk on handling the corona pressure

5 minutes read
The Hoplr neighbourhoods of Opwijk (14,900 inhabitants) celebrated their first anniversary at the end of March 2021 (with an impressive conversion rate of 27%). Since then, every ... Read more
Laura Geerts December 16, 2020

CASE STUDY: Waterloo community building pioneer of Wallonia with Hoplr

6 minutes read
In 6 months time, more than 2,280 households (21%) registered for one of the 6 Hoplr neighbourhoods that were launched in Waterloo in early January 2020. Neighbours post an averag... Read more
Laura Geerts November 4, 2020

Case study: municipality of Zele leads by example and gets the most out of Hoplr

5 minutes read
The municipality of Zele (>20,000 inhabitants) aims to use Hoplr to its full potential. They're doing this by connecting a multitude of departments to the dashboard, involving ... Read more
Laura Geerts October 20, 2020

Case Study: city of Halle consults citizens at street level with verified survey

4 minutes read
Last year, the city of Halle received multiple reports about the traffic situation in a number of streets in Lembeek. There were five possible solutions. To determine the best pos... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck June 21, 2020

The Hague: case study and details of a Hoplr community building pilot

6 minutes read
In 6 months time, over 4,100 households (12%) have registered in the 10 neighbourhoods that were selected for the Hoplr pilot in The Hague. Neighbours post an average of 100 messa... Read more
Laura Geerts June 2, 2020

Mechelen and Hoplr: one in three households is registered

4 minutes read
Mechelen, such a great city. The authentic setting, filled with culture, friendly people, picturesque squares, … But what makes it such an amazing place to us? It was the very f... Read more
Laura Geerts February 4, 2020

Trailblazer municipality Olen enhances local community feeling

4 minutes read
Olen was one of the very first municipalities to get started with our Service Dashboard, back in 2017. Their goal was to connect citizens, and enhance the local community feeling.... Read more
Laura Geerts September 4, 2019

Municipality Sint-Katelijne-Waver concludes successful participation project

4 minutes read
Citizens Sint-Katelijne-Waver participate in multi-year plan 2020 - 2025 Inhabitants of Sint-Katelijne-Waver were asked nine questions on Hoplr in July 2019. The questions cove... Read more
Laura Geerts May 2, 2019

City of Bruges on Hoplr: results of a successful pilot project

5 minutes read
Hoplr made its debut in the Venice of the North at the end of 2018: a pilot project in collaboration with the City of Bruges. 14 neighbourhoods are activated - which accounts for ... Read more
Laura Geerts March 19, 2019

High engagement on first citizen participation project in Boechout

4 minutes read
At the beginning of this year, the brand-new board of Boechout presented its new policy note to the city council. At least, a first version. The municipality gave its residents th... Read more
Laura Geerts February 4, 2019

Citizen communication at the level of the neighbourhood with City of Antwerp’s project ‘Noorderlijn’

5 minutes read
Imagine: you step outside your door on a regular Monday morning. You get into your car, head for work and... Darn. Detour. Roadworks happen all the time, but you have to admit, if... Read more

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[USE CASE] City of Luxembourg: Community development in the face of great diversity

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