Laura Geerts February 15, 2023

Reaching citizens: 20 actions to increase reach on Hoplr

6 minutes read
In some towns and municipalities, Hoplr's reach already exceeds 60% of all households In the municipalities of Oosterzele, Boechout, Haacht, Rumst, Bornem, Aartselaar and Veurn... Read more
Laura Geerts February 13, 2023

Nearly 300,000 offline encounters via Hoplr in 2022: help, circular economy and neighbourhood activities

3 minutes read
Hoplr closed 2022 with a lot of new municipalities and users on board. Together with customers old and new, we achieved milestones we definitely won't let pass us by. Such as... ... Read more
Laura Geerts February 2, 2022

Volunteering: Five reasons why a smart volunteering programme is neighbourhood-oriented

2 minutes read
Many residents are willing and able to help the vulnerable members of their community. Local governments and organisations offer support and structure in the form of volunteering p... Read more
Laura Geerts January 28, 2022

What do residents expect from neighbourhood communication: 5 insights from our survey

4 minutes read
Neighbourhood communication on Hoplr More than 120 cities and municipalities use our neighbourhood communication functionalities to reach 15% to 60% of their inhabitants immediatel... Read more
Laura Geerts October 19, 2021

Neighbourhood Scan: a neighbourhood analysis in collaboration with residents

5 minutes read
The neighbourhood scan is a participatory measuring instrument that maps the social capital of a neighbourhood, in dialogue with its residents. This methodology is based on a few ... Read more
Laura Geerts January 15, 2021

ACTION PLAN – The local community is crucial for a smooth socio-economic restart post COVID-19

6 minutes read
The world is holding its breath as vaccination strategies offer some hope, and an end to the corona era seems to be within reach. The European Commission, federal governments and ... Read more
Laura Geerts December 27, 2020

From local community to an inclusive and caring neighbourhood with Hoplr

7 minutes read
Private neighbourhood networks encourage involvement and primary care within the local community. In addition, community workers can use Hoplr to support their field work. This wa... Read more
Laura Geerts November 15, 2020

Meet citizen engagement expert Dr Jonas De Meulenaere

5 minutes read
This year, Hoplr has been working on the expansion of the knowledge centre. This is based on three pillars: neighbourhood communication, neighbourhood care and citizen engagement.... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck June 21, 2020

Digital network Hoplr for local governments: social inclusion and citizen participation

6 minutes read
Hoplr for the local community How does Hoplr work?What is Hoplr used for?Hoplr platform for local governments The social impact of HoplrWhy is local community building important? ... Read more
Laura Geerts February 26, 2020

How we keep our communities positive and constructive

6 minutes read
Social media: radicalization or fraternization? Social media lead to radicalisation. You often hear or read it. But why is that? Is it even true? And how do we make sure the Ho... Read more
Laura Geerts February 16, 2020

Hoplr helps local governments build towards social and caring smart cities: answers to 10 FAQ’s

7 minutes read
Hoplr connects government and citizens: it all starts and ends with the community. It’s our mission to connect citizen and government, as well as citizens among each other. T... Read more
Laura Geerts February 5, 2020

Hoplr functionalities for citizen participation with the local community

4 minutes read
Hoplr makes it easy for citizens to rely on each other and on the social capital of the local community. For example, they use Hoplr to share information, to socialise, to organis... Read more
Laura Geerts January 14, 2020

Digitally stimulate community care with Hoplr: 10 practical tips

4 minutes read
Community care: someone’s role in the local community greatly impacts their wellbeing. As a community worker or other social profile within the government, you’re probably ... Read more
Laura Geerts April 17, 2019

Citizen communication through Hoplr: practical examples

4 minutes read
It's Hoplr's mission to bring neighbours closer together. But that's not all we're in for. By facilitating citizen communication, citizen participation and community care, we aim... Read more
Laura Geerts March 23, 2019

Citizen participation: how physical encounters are key to more citizen engagement

7 minutes read
Neighbourhood network Hoplr enables neighbourhood communication and citizen participation. But in order to achieve successful and representative citizen participation, two non-dig... Read more
Laura Geerts February 28, 2019

Socialisation of care: local community as a key player

6 minutes read
The healthcare sector is under immense pressure. In May 2018, more than 14,000 Flemish adults with disabilities were waiting on a budget to finance their care. At the same time, S... Read more

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