Jennick Scheerlinck August 4, 2023

[Case study] Hoplr’s solution for Independent Living at the European Social Services Conference in Malmö

4 minutes read
The 31st edition of the European Social Services Conference (ESSC) took place in Malmö, Sweden, from 14th to 16th June 2023, with a strong focus on "Advancing Social Services: Th... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck April 5, 2023

Successful launch of digital participation platform in Gemeente Terneuzen

2 minutes read
At the beginning of April, the Municipality of Terneuzen launched their brand new online participation platform Citizens can now participate in projects of th... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck October 14, 2022

City of Luxembourg: Community development in the face of great diversity

4 minutes read
70,59% of City of Luxembourg’s residents are non-native With expats from 158 different countries, the City of Luxembourg’s population is one of the most diverse in the enti... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck June 21, 2020

Digital network Hoplr for local governments: social inclusion and citizen participation

6 minutes read
Hoplr for the local community How does Hoplr work?What is Hoplr used for?Hoplr platform for local governments The social impact of HoplrWhy is local community building important? ... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck

The Hague: case study and details of a Hoplr community building pilot

6 minutes read
In 6 months time, over 4,100 households (12%) have registered in the 10 neighbourhoods that were selected for the Hoplr pilot in The Hague. Neighbours post an average of 100 messa... Read more

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City of Luxembourg: Community development in the face of great diversity

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