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"Sleepwalking from crisis to crisis," Christophe Peeters, president of the Social Services Council of Ghent, wrote in this article from De Standaard.

First the pandemic. Then Ukraine. And now the energy crisis. Three times in three long years, the resilience of our society was seriously tested.

And now we, as a digital neighbourhood network, are noticing how citizens and governments alike are calling on the local community once more.

And now we are seeing the same thing happening with the energy crisis. But that does not surprise us: the neighbourhood offers huge potential in the face of rising energy prices. Think of car sharing and group purchases.

Moreover, 36 of our 120+ customers already addressed their Hoplr neighbourhoods concerning the energy crisis. To inspire others too, below we share the 9 ways they did.

Financial support

The Municipality of Blankenberge shares information on a heating grant.

Emotional support

The City of Damme lets the neighbourhood know where residents can go for emotional support.

Info sessions

The Municipality of Opwijk invites the neighbourhood for a free info session about energy saving.

Help among residents

Waalwijk welfare organisation ContourDeTwern is putting out a call to become an ‘energy buddy’.

Initiatives from the neighbourhood

The Municipality of The Hague asked local stakeholders for ideas and initiatives concerning the energy crisis, and then presents them at a neighbourhood inspiration session.


The Municipality of Ternat calls for participation in a climate council.

Protection against scams

Berlare – Zele police zone warns citizens about scammers capitalising on high energy bills.

Efforts from the council

The City of Damme shares that public lighting will be dimmed between midnight and 5am.

Group purchases

The Municipality of Boechout invites local residents to be part of a group purchase of green roofs.

Social cohesion lies at the foundation of a resiliant neighbourhood

Local community building has countless positive side effects for citizens. Including more sustainable actions, and hopefully lower energy bills.

Read about the dynamics that contribute to a resilient neighbourhood in our white paper 'Neighbourhood of the Future'.


Hoplr is there to reach out to local residents in the context of their neighbourhood. So make use of it! We hope the above examples from some local councils and welfare organisations can inspire you to make use of the neighbourhood potential yourself.

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