Laura Geerts July 9, 2021

Case study: City of Deinze supports community development and caring neighbourhoods with Hoplr

5 minutes read
About one year after the city-wide launch of Hoplr in Deinze, 3,772 households (22.6%) have registered. Uniquely, this government's Service Dashboard is managed by the Local Commu... Read more
Laura Geerts December 27, 2020

From local community to an inclusive and caring neighbourhood with Hoplr

7 minutes read
Private neighbourhood networks encourage involvement and primary care within the local community. In addition, community workers can use Hoplr to support their field work. This wa... Read more
Laura Geerts November 13, 2020

Hoplr connects help offers and requests through new neighbourhood help functionalities

3 minutes read
In a caring neighbourhood, residents can count on each other for small - and sometimes larger - help requests. The neighbourhood is an important link within a person's care net... Read more
Jennick Scheerlinck June 21, 2020

Digital network Hoplr for local governments: social inclusion and citizen participation

6 minutes read
Hoplr for the local community How does Hoplr work?What is Hoplr used for?Hoplr platform for local governments The social impact of HoplrWhy is local community building important? ... Read more
Laura Geerts March 22, 2020

ACTION PLAN – accelerated rollout of digital neighbourhood network Hoplr during corona crisis: how and why?

5 minutes read
These last couple of days, we have received numerous requests to enable an accelerated rollout of our digital neighbourhood network. Both new as well as local governments that had... Read more
Laura Geerts March 14, 2020

Together against corona: inspiration and heartening actions from Hoplr neighbours

4 minutes read
As said by alderwoman of Hasselt Lies Jans in an article about Hoplr, Corona and the associated measures taken by the government (social distancing in particular) have resulted in... Read more
Laura Geerts February 4, 2020

Trailblazer municipality Olen enhances local community feeling

4 minutes read
Olen was one of the very first municipalities to get started with our Service Dashboard, back in 2017. Their goal was to connect citizens, and enhance the local community feeling.... Read more
Laura Geerts January 14, 2020

Digitally stimulate community care with Hoplr: 10 practical tips

4 minutes read
Community care: someone’s role in the local community greatly impacts their wellbeing. As a community worker or other social profile within the government, you’re probably ... Read more
Laura Geerts February 28, 2019

Socialisation of care: local community as a key player

6 minutes read
The healthcare sector is under immense pressure. In May 2018, more than 14,000 Flemish adults with disabilities were waiting on a budget to finance their care. At the same time, S... Read more

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ACTION PLAN – The local community is crucial for a smooth socio-economic restart post COVID-19

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Hoplr connects help offers and requests through new neighbourhood help functionalities

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Case Study: city of Halle consults citizens at street level with verified survey

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