Laura Geerts June 2, 2020

Mechelen and Hoplr: one in three households is registered

4 minutes read
Mechelen, such a great city. The authentic setting, filled with culture, friendly people, picturesque squares, … But what makes it such an amazing place to us? It was the very f... Read more
Laura Geerts February 16, 2020

Hoplr as a platform for governments: everything you need to know

7 minutes read
Hoplr serves as a platform to connect government and citizens: it all starts and ends with the community. Hoplr is all about the community. It’s our mission to connect citize... Read more
Laura Geerts May 2, 2019

City of Bruges on Hoplr: results of a successful pilot project

5 minutes read
Hoplr made its debut in the Venice of the North at the end of 2018: a pilot project in collaboration with the City of Bruges. 14 neighbourhoods are activated - which accounts for ... Read more
Laura Geerts April 17, 2019

Citizen communication through Hoplr: practical examples

4 minutes read
It's Hoplr's mission to bring neighbours closer together. But that's not all we're in for. By facilitating citizen communication, citizen participation and community care, we aim... Read more
Laura Geerts February 4, 2019

Citizen communication at the level of the neighbourhood with City of Antwerp’s project ‘Noorderlijn’

5 minutes read
Imagine: you step outside your door on a regular Monday morning. You get into your car, head for work and... Darn. Detour. Roadworks happen all the time, but you have to admit, if... Read more

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